Delivering luxurious apartment in smart city Delhi:

The L zone Dwarka is soon going to be the most developed and technologically advanced residential area for the people. Right now the rates of real estate sector in this area are quite low but soon the people will see a huge development. It will be the advanced area of India with whole day water, web and power connectivity. If you are looking to buy a real estate property somewhere in this smart city, we are suggesting you with the best.

The luxury cum residential apartments:

Revanta Heights, a project by the Revanta CGHS Ltd is keeping pace with the development of Smart City. If you are looking for the luxurious lifestyle, welcome to our luxury apartments. Revanta CGHS is known for delivering the quality of service and the best infrastructure.

Our cost per square ft. would be INR 3000 + INR 3150 in two phases exclusive of the parking space. We have 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats with and without servant quarters. The exteriors and interiors will be well furnished with basic amenities for the people to directly settle.

Ensured safety of money and life:

Once you invest with us, you will not have to worry as our project will ensure both safety of your investment and your life. Our project will include the high level security in the residential colonies making it safer for you. Gym, health facilities, sports club etc are included in the model and definitely they are the pre-cursors of quality life.

So, if you are looking for perfect advanced life and living standard, it is best you invest in our venture with the best infrastructure and luxury life to be handled in future. So, be part of the smart city and live the quality full life with luxury living.

Revanta Heights Property Types

Type Size Price
2BHK 975 Sq.ft. X 3000/-* 29,25,000/-*
2BHK+SER 1175 Sq.ft. X 3000/-* 35,25,000/-*
3BHK 1475 Sq.ft. X 3000/-* 44,25,000/-*
3BHK+SER 1675 Sq.ft. X 3000/-* 50,25,000/-*
4BHK+SER 2100 Sq.ft. X 3000/-* 63,00,000/-*

Revanta Heights Floor Plans

Revanta Heights Payment Plan

REVANTA HEIGHTS Dwarka Payment Plan
REVANTA HEIGHTS Dwarka Payment Plan

Revanta Heights L Zone Location Map

Revanta Heights-L Zone Location-Map

Revanta Heights Specifications

REVANTA HEIGHTS Dwarka Specifications

* Mention per unit price shown on the website are bases assumption these are tentative price and will increase or decrease as per developer discretion.