Unleashing the smart way to live, DDA develops Delhi as the Smart City.

Enlisted amongst the 100 smart cities, the new project of the Delhi Development Authority for the development of the L-Zone Dwarka Smart City to gear up soon. As the DDA envisions a smart and the developed city, a place with the world class facilities will be offered to enjoy the living.

To wrap up the project without undue delays, a Land Pooling Cell has been developed. This will definitely pace up the growth and development. This Land Pooling Cell to administer the growth in the efficient, sustainable and equitable land development.

The capital city of our country, Delhi, is divided into 15 zones amongst which the L-zone is the largest with a lot of scope of development. The development authorities to work on the development of the existing cities to make them more livable and inclusive, besides the economic growth.

The overall idea behind the development of the smart city is to focus on the supply and maintenance of the adequate and clean water supply, sanitation and solid waste management, efficient transportation, affordable housing for the poor, power supply, robust power connectivity, IT connectivity, e- governance, safety and security of the citizens, health and education.

Other than the smart city, the towns with the population under one lakh will also receive the benefit of the scheme in the name of our former Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpeyee.